Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Woman Writing a Male Point of View

Pure Eye Candy
The first time I read the line, "women shouldn't write male/male romance" I blinked at the computer screen in confusion. I had no idea why anyone would say such a thing. For decades, if not centuries, men have been writing female characters, and females have been writing male characters. Why, suddenly -- in the 21st century no less -- would someone think a woman writing a scene with two heroes instead of one is improper, or worse -- that she simply couldn't do the story justice? Was prejudice rearing its ugly head in an environment that demanded equal rights for all?
Perhaps it was the objection to a woman using a man's penname. You know, the way women had to take men's names in order to be published back in 19th century. George Sand comes to mind.

I'm not here to argue the point -- I am a woman who has always found guy on guy sex incredibly hot, and wanted to write a book with that theme. I read a quote recently that it's impossible to discourage the real writers, because they're going to write no matter what you say. I think today's crop of female authors writing gay romance (male/male, m/m, guy on guy, or whatever you prefer to call it) are doing a credible job. Authors who come right to mind are Kiernan Kelly, Cecilia Tan, Ariel Tachna, Katrina Strauss, Alex Beecroft, Laura Baumbach, Jet Michaels, James Buchanan... I could keep going, believe me. Try out any of these authors and you'll find quality writing, hot sex, and totally realistic male points of view. Google, anyone?

Wulf (in back) and Luc

Jerry Race is definitely a man, a good writer, and a good friend. He joined a critique group I'd created for erotica and GLBT authors, and critiqued my first m/m book (Wulf). According to him, and another man whom I knew, I got it right on the money. The book was accepted a few weeks after submission (at Liquid Silver Books). Wulf, Tales of the Chosen was a hit with male readers as well as female.

2010 EPIC Winner Surrender Love

Last year, I attended Outlantacon as a guest speaker. It's a SciFi convention with a queer slant, open to the public. There was a late night pajama party where everyone gathered to hear some of the guests read. When I held up Wulf and said I'd be reading from it, a young man in the audience exclaimed, "You wrote Wulf?" When I said I had, he stood up,  rushed to the front, and said, "I have to hug you." Yes, three of my books have been nominated for Gaylactic Spectrum Awards, and another m/m, Surrender Love, was awarded the 2010 EPIC eBook Award for Science Fiction Erotic Romance (a national award - and the only GLBT book in the category) -- but that heartfelt hug from a young man who loved the story beat them all. I've never doubted since that I could indeed "get it right."

I plan to keep writing both male/female and male/male romance -- from the heart. Thank you Jerry, for inviting me to drop in. I hope to come by often, and bring some eye candy. The hottie at the top had nothing to do with the subject, but I got your attention, didn't I? *wink*
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