Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ryan Field

This week's enthuse for me is about Ryan Field, an author I've only recently encountered. He's very direct, writing with skill and style on a subject he's passionate about - men bedding other men.

'Capping The Season' should be out soon from www.loveyoudivine.com It's a short story, perfect for reading in a coffee break, or a more intimate moment.... and it will cost you a mere $2 for the pleasure! It's a hot tale. Hunter, the main character, is so self posessed, so aware of what he wants, and how to get it.

As I've observed before, there's often a world of difference between guys (like Ryan) who write from experience and girls (like me) who are just doing it for kicks! There are details, terms, experiences that I'd never have imagined, because I can never be part of that scene. I do so like getting to learn! I know that reading this kind of story will enable me to be a better m/m writer myself.

The best writers make their scenarios seem so real that we, as readers believe we do know what its like to be part of the action. Ryan Fields most certainly has that skill.


JerryR said...

Hi Bryn. Thanks for doing another god post. Also thanks for mentioning Ryan Fields. I'll check out his story as soon as I can.

ryan field said...

I found your blog by accident. I'm humbled and grateful.

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