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Who writes m/m erotic or erotica romance?

Have you ever wondered who writes male/male erotic or erotica romance? I always assumed men out numbered women authors of the genre. And I still do. However, I believe the answer could be a close 50/50 chance. But it's probably my luck women are the majority. Maybe wome enjoy writing the genre since they're capable of writing male characters better than men. They can add a lot of emotional qualities, maybe better than a male author.

What do you think the right answer is?

Please leave a comment. I'd love to learn your take on this post. Thanks in advance.

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Karen said...

Okay, just an opinion. I believe some men can write erotic/erotica but there is an element within myself that craves a good story that can strike an emotional cord of betrayal some men may not comnprehend. It's a balance. Strong betrayal with a strong recovery creates a conflict that is complicated to do and even some women can't reach that depth. I don't cry easy but Rachel Gibson, Linda Howard can take me to those levels. I've enjoyed a man's perspective many times but not at this depth. I'm open, however, to take the plunge with someone who tries. Of course, enjoying a good erotica for me includes the conflict I've referenced. Hey, good topic. Thanks for allowing me to share.


JerryR said...

Thanks Karen. I've not heard of Rachel Gibson. I do have one Linda Howard's books. Also thanks for sharing your opinion Karen

Kayelle Allen said...

I've read both sides, Jerry. As a reader, what matters to me is story. If it has a great story, with a solid plot, characters I care about, and hot sex with tenderness and a bit of dominance as well... wow. It doesn't matter who wrote it. I'll read it. ^_^

JerryR said...

I agree with you Kayelle. To me a good story is what a like; sex is just an added plus.
And thanks for commenting, kiddo


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